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Pregnancy Kick Counter App

Native Android app to increase market penetration and users


The Problem

What to Expect wanted expand their market penetration, increase registered users, and invest in personalization to increase life-time value through a new Android kick counter application. Kick counting during pregnancy is an important task during pregnancy to make sure the baby is active and healthy. 

My Role

Created the user experience and interface design using Google's Material Design guidelines.

Branded the interface with What to Expect's brand colors and created custom graphics to enhance interactions.

Tested in InVision and worked with developers to prototype.


On-boarding Personalization

The on-boarding flow was designed to increase usage through personalization and develop cross-app usage through the signup process. On-boarding prompts the mom-to-be to take a photo of herself to record the kicks where they happen on her body. Throughout her experience with the app, she is able to update and save photos and sessions, creating a visual log of the baby's movements. 


Kick Counting 

To track the baby’s movements, the mom-to-be taps the screen where she feels the kicks until she feels 10 kicks or the time reaches 1 hour, whichever comes first. Each kick is marked with a small icon and a heat map is created based on position of the kicks. The end of the session, the app supplies personalized results about frequency of the baby's kicks during the session. She is also able to add custom graphic overlays to her image to share with her doctor, family, friends or post to a social network. The graphic overlays offer opportunities for sponsorship by related products and brands.


User Flow

WTE Kick Counter Flow2.png


client: What to Expect  |  dd: Michael Mancus  |  pm: Kyle Humphries